The first day of summer is officially June 21. But that date doesn’t mean too much for us in Florida; the heat is already on us and our yards. I want to share some landscaping advice with you before it gets even hotter outside.

Go long

The first victim of the brutal summer months is the lawn. The next time you cut the grass change the setting on the mower to the highest level possible. Each type of grass has a particular height that it should be cut this time of year, but before you look for a ruler to measure your grass blades, keep this in mind long grass is healthy grass in the summer. Don’t trim more than one-third of the blade. Not only will this help keep your lawn green, but you’ll also save water, and slow soil erosion. However, this also means you may have to fire up the mower more often.

Watering worries

This is also the time of year to get more familiar with your irrigation system. If your grass gets too much water it’s prone to diseases and bugs and too little will turn it yellow and brittle. I’m not a meteorologist, but I confidently forecast a lot of rain over the next four months, and your lawn will need all that water and maybe even more.

Between Mother Nature and your sprinklers make sure your yard gets between a half-inch and three-quarters of an inch of water about twice a week. However, that doesn’t mean you want to see your system on when it’s raining. Think of it as money being spread all over the already wet lawn. If you’ve noticed this problem, it might be the rain sensor. The water conservation device is designed to turn your entire system off if it collects too much water.

And be sure to set your timer, so your system switches on in the early morning hours and not when the sun is blazing in the afternoon.

Watch out for weeds

Your grass isn’t the only thing that will be growing fast this summer, watch out for those nasty weeds. Be sure to adjust the amount of fertilizer and herbicide that you put down. Each type of grass has different needs. Also, keep this in mind, some counties have restrictions on the types of fertilizer that you can use.

And don’t forget your trees and plants. Light pruning is best. If you trim too much, the leaves can get scorched. It’s best to prune shrubs and trees in the winter when most are dormant.

I know, there are a lot of landscaping rules to follow in the summer. I hope this advice helps. If you get overwhelmed, remember we are experts in all of this stuff and love what we do. Contact us for a free full-service landscape estimate.

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