When it comes to landscaping, there are few things as beautiful as a lush, well-manicured, green lawn. However, ask any model, it takes a lot of work to stay pretty. I want to share some best practices that should keep your grass as green as a World Cup soccer field.

Fertilizer facts

Grass needs nutrients to grow, and this is a good time to feed Florida lawns. There are two things to do before you begin a fertilization program; the first is to check your city or county guidelines. There are fertilizer laws. In the summer some communities ban products that contain nitrogen or phosphorus. This is an attempt to keep those chemicals from washing into the water supply during heavy rains.

The second thing to do is get a soil test. Knowing what the ground is made of will help you select the correct fertilizer. Click here for details on how to get a soil test at a University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension near you.

Mowing matters

Cutting the grass may not be your favorite thing to do, but it has to be done and done on a regular schedule in the summer. When you’re out mowing be sure not to ‘scalp’ your lawn. That means taking more than one-third of the grass blade off at one time. Like a person, your turf can stress, and when it’s too short grass is more vulnerable to disease, drought, weeds, and nasty bugs.

Take a look at your mower. Make sure the blades are sharp and during the next few months keep the bag in the garage. Grass clippings work as compost, which put vital organic material back to the soil.

Water woes

Your irrigation system could be the reason you think your grass is a beauty or a beast. The biggest culprit may be over-watering. Too much water prevents your grass from forming deep roots and creates, you guessed it, more stress. Here’s a sign that your lawn wants water, walk on it. If you can see your footprints, it’s time to water.

Watering less often encourages root growth, so set your irrigation system to turn on less frequently but for more extended periods of time. For us in Florida, It’s best to apply between ½ and ¾ of an inch of water during each irrigation session. And water early in the morning. This way the grass has time to dry before the sun comes out.

I hope these best practices keep your lawn green this summer. Click here for a video that we made with more mowing tips. And remember, if you want us to take over your landscaping, give us a call at (844) GREEN-90 for a free estimate.

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