Winter Weeds


Black Medic

Common Chickweed

It’s cold. No, kidding right? Winter is the dormant season for your landscape, but have you noticed things growing on your lawn? A few ugly looking things that are polluting your grass? Well, just because your turf is sleeping doesn’t mean the weeds are. Here are a few buggers to watch out for over the next couple of months.

Weeds to watch
Bluegrass can be hard to identify until there’s a lot of it. The weed grows in clumps, has smooth leaves with clear lines on both sides of the blades. If you have a Bluegrass issue now, it’s a little late to do much about it, except pull it out. This latest crop of it geminated months ago, grows now, and will die off when it gets warm. Bluegrass is something that you need to treat before the seeds pop off in the spring and summer.

If you see small yellow flowers on your turf, you may have a problem with Black Medic. This weed can form a dark mat of dark green leaves over your grass in no time. Black Medic thrives in compacted soil. One way to make to control it is to aerate your yard.

Common Chickweed is something that if you notice in your yard, you might want to get used to it, the seeds have been known to stay viable for a decade. This lawn and landscape nuisance has oval leaves, white flowers, with tiny hairs. Chickweed grows in thick patches, and usually in areas with drainage issues.

What to do
Winter weeds are an odd bunch. They only come out during the few months that it’s cold and disappear when it gets warm again, but if you don’t do anything about them Bluegrass, Black Medic and Common Chickweed along with some of their other broadleaf buddies will be back when you start shopping for holiday gifts again this year. Esterline Landscape has the materials and know-how to wipe out these winter weeds once and for all. Let us know how we can help.
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