Commercial landscape is an investment in the growth of your business

Commercial landscape is an investment in the growth of your business

Do you know what customers, tenants, or patrons think of the outside of your property or business? Could upgraded curb-side appeal increase your foot traffic, sales volume, or property value?
Landscaping professionals, like those at Esterline Landscape, can be an important resource for your business. A quality landscape company can create a long-term plan to address the needs, concerns, and goals of the business or commercial property.

Start with a Plan

Multiple studies show that a professional design combined with a quality landscaping maintenance plan can increase business and commercial property values. A study from the University of Washington shows the economic benefits of quality landscaping. Commercial offices with high quality landscapes achieve 7% higher rental rates. In addition, consumers would be willing to pay, on average, a 12% premium for goods purchased in retail establishments that are accompanied by quality landscaping.

Design for Your Audience

A professional design can convey a positive image to your customers. Our landscape designers know that a crisp, colorful, professional design and plantings can make a business or property stand out amongst competitors. For example, a sophisticated, manicured design highlights the professionalism of a medical or law office, while a southwestern-accented landscape outside a southwestern-food restaurant extends the image of the restaurant and may draw extra customers.
In addition to the draw for customers, employees benefit as well. According to a study at Virginia Tech, employees with an outside view of plants experience less job pressure and greater job satisfaction than workers viewing man-made objects or having no outside view.

Maintain Your Investment

The professionals at Esterline Landscape suggest investing in year-round landscape management to promote a Return on Investment. Clean, manicured walkways show an attention to detail, improve safety, and may reduce slip and fall liability. Proper management may include seasonal cleanups, fresh plantings, or elegant lighting to highlight a property.
The outside of your property or business is an extension of your image to customers, clients, and tenants. Investing in the quality and care of your landscaping will convey a level of professionalism and attention to detail to your customers. Simply upgrading the quality and care of a landscape can increase curb-side appeal enough to increase foot traffic, sales volume, and property value. Let us know if you need Esterline Landscape to provide you with a landscape plan for your property.

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