Is your lawn looking a little less green? Do you have patches that are shorter and lighter in color than the rest? Notice any tiny moths flying all over the blades? If you’re nodding your head while you read this blog sod webworms may be tearing up your turf.

Summer of Sod Webworms

The voracious suckers are a real problem in Florida during our hot and humid summers. The pervasive pests like our tropical climate and love to feast on all types of grasses, like St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia.

If you see this moth when you walk on your lawn, you may have a sod webworm problem.

Sob webworms are as gross as their name sounds. They begin as larva, chewing the upper part of grass blades, then as they grow (up to an inch), they eat faster and faster and munch all the way down to the roots. You won’t want to tell your kids about these very hungry caterpillars; the nasty things can wipe out a section of your yard in no time.  If you notice little moths hovering above your lawn, you probably have a worm problem. Those flying nuisances are mature sod webworms, and the females are laying even more eggs on your precious property.

An infestation of sod webworms can sneak up on you since they eat slowly at first. Take a close look at your turf. The worms feed at night and curl up into disgusting little balls on the surface of the soil during the day.

Sod webworm solution

Don’t worry; sod webworms aren't a death sentence for your lawn. These pests are easier to treat than their even more fiendish friends, chinch bugs. Our experts have safe chemicals to get rid of them, and proper fertilization, irrigation, and mowing will bring your lawn back and keep the worms away.

Contact us if you want a hand wiping out the sod webworms that may be decimating your grass this summer and keep in mind that our full-service landscape plan is a great solution to ensure that they don’t ever crawl back.

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