Winter Plant Worries

Happy 2019!

Now that the celebrations are over and the decorations are down, it’s time to take a close look at your landscape. We did have a few cold nights during the holiday season, and we’re sure to have a few more over the next few weeks. Here’s some advice on what to do after a cold snap.

Probe your property
How do your plants look? Did they all survive? If you notice Old Man Winter damaged part of the plant, don’t do what you think you should do. Leave it alone. DO NOT prune the dead leaves. It may look bad, but that dead foliage will help insulate the rest of the plant from any more frigid temperatures.

When you notice a plant or tree in trouble, your first instinct may be to add fertilizer, but that’s not what to do in the winter. Sure, short-term amendments may work, but when it gets cold again that weak new growth will most likely die. Wait until the spring to fertilize, your damaged greenery will thank you.

Don’t just look at your plants and trees, go lower. How’s the dirt? Is it dried out? If it has, water may not be able to get to your plants. An excellent way to remedy this problem is to over water the dried out areas until they look normal again.
What not to do

Nothing is something this time of year
As you’ve read, the best thing to do to help your landscape in the winter is DO NOTHING. It’s important to keep tabs on the damage, but when it comes to repairs, wait until the weather warms up again. Hey, it’s Florida, it won’t be cold long. So, until 
then keep your irrigation system running, even damaged plants need water and let your plants and trees fend for themselves for a couple of months.

Remember if you want a professional opinion on your yard, our staff members are Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association certified and love talking about landscapes. Have a great winter and even better spring.
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