Webworm Worries

Have you noticed little moths flying across your grass? If your nodding ‘yes’ take a closer look at your lawn; see brown patches? If that’s another ‘yes,’ you may have a problem with sod webworms.

Worms at work
Summer is when we can really see the damaging handiwork of these worms. These suckers have been working for months. Mamma worms lay their eggs in the spring—lots of them; several generations a season, and that doesn’t count the ones that survive the winter by making houses out of their silk in tunnels under your lawn. Who knew you had a whole civilization underfoot?

In April and May, young webworms munch on the top part of the grass. By the summer, they’ve made their way down to the roots, and then they mature into those moths that swarm your ankles when you take a walk in the yard.
If you still have your doubts about sod webworms, try this old landscaper’s trick. Take two gallons of water, mix in two tablespoons of dish soap, and soak the section of your yard that’s giving you worm worries. Like a gross magic act, little tan worms should come to the surface.

Worm wars
Now, that we’ve determined that your yard has these menacing munchers; it’s time to get rid of them. There are several chemical treatments on the market, but be sure to pick the right one. Some of them will wipe out beneficial bugs along with the webworms.

Our spray technicians have the right mixtures to not only kill the worms you have now but keep them from populating under your lawn again in the future. After they’re gone, the best way to keep them out is to maintain a healthy lawn. You do that with proper fertilizer, irrigation, and maintenance. We can help with all of that too. Just give us a call or click the ‘Get A Free Estimate’ button on this page.

Good luck wrestling those worms and tag us in if you want a hand.
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