Fighting Lawn Fungus

It’s winter in Central Florida, and we do not see many pretty colors. The grass is dormant, and most plants and trees aren’t flowering, but our crews in the field are telling us about a color that they see a lot of in lawns, and it’s not a very pretty one— it’s brown. 

The usual culprit for this unsavory color is the fungus that causes Brown Patch Disease. We won’t bore you with the name of the scientific name of the fungi, but we want to let you know what’s causing these ugly circles in your lawn. 

Watch your water
During our colder months, diseases like Brown Patch can usually be traced to one thing over-watering. The reason is simple, your lawn doesn’t need as much water during the winter, and since it’s cold, the extra water doesn’t evaporate as quickly as it does in the spring and summer.

You may not notice the soggy grass, but fungus does; that nasty stuff will get right to work and turn your once green grass brown, and once you get one of these turf diseases, they can be challenging to get rid of.

The best thing to do is to adjust your irrigation system. Set the sprinklers to run only once a few for the next couple of months.
If you’re uncomfortable playing with the buttons and switches on your irrigation system, please let me know. We have irrigation experts who can do it for you.

Mow with care
Don’t worry too much. Your lawn has a disease, but it can come back with the proper care. One thing that can help is mowing, but not the way you usually cut the grass. Blades infected with Brown Patch are dead, but the root is typically fine, mowing the blade will get rid of the dead part. 

However, like many diseases in the world, it can spread, and mowing can spread sick blades into healthy parts of the lawn. If you plan on taking the mower option, remember to cut the infected area last and wash the machine before you put it away. 

If you have concerns about your lawn and landscape, you came to the right place. We have irrigation experts, well-trained maintenance crews, and the connections to get the right sprays to have your once brown patched grass green again by spring. Click on the ‘Get A Free Estimate’ button and find out what Esterline Landscape can do for you.
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