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This Covid-19 quarantine has a lot of people looking to make some changes. After being stuck inside for weeks, one thing that people have been contacting us about is landscape changes. 

It seems that locked in homeowners want to see some new things outside their windows. Before you start pulling out plants and digging holes, please consider a landscape designer. This blog will go over the benefits of letting a professional plan out your property. 

See a system
What do you see when you look at your yard? Tree, plants, grass maybe a few weeds. A landscape designer sees a system. That's what your property should be a planned out system, one that combines living things in the best possible manner. Not having a plan leads to problems.

We see this all the time. A disappointed homeowner uses his green thumbs to call us and explain that parts of his landscape are dying. The answer is usually simple, like people, plants can be complex. Some need sun, others shade, others don't grow well next to certain trees, it's a lot to keep in mind when you're at the nursery. 

Then there's the soil factor. Do you know what make-up the ground in your landscape beds? A pro will test it and pick trees and plants that love growing in that stuff. 

Money matters
A licensed landscape designer can also save you money in the long run. The proper placement of shrubs and trees create shade that will give your air conditioner a break, and save you money on electricity. 

Now the big money part, a professionally designed landscape, adds value to your home. Some studies say by as much as 15%. The money-making difference between landscape projects and some home improvement projects; is landscape grows in value as the plants and trees get bigger and more established. 

Our landscape designers are always ready for a new challenge, and that's what many properties in Central Florida are challenges. The soil isn't always great, so it takes a trained mind to select the right native plants and flowers to make a bed pop. We also have the advantage of having the best irrigation teams and landscape installers in the state, so our designers' plans come to life quickly and match the plans to perfections. Every one of our employees goes through the rigid Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association certification process, and even if you don't pick us to install your landscape, and want to do the job yourself, you keep the design plans. 

Contact us, and we'll get you the landscape that you've always wanted.
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