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Do you think about a new landscape? There are some things to keep in mind before you start ripping up your front yard. We hope this blog gets you ready for the project.

Start in the dirt
Before the thoughts of new plants begin forming in your mind, think lower, a lot lower, the dirt. You need to know what's in your soil. According to the University of Florida, these are the essential factors:

                    Current pH levels of your soil
                    Fertility levels of the principal nutrients
                    Type and quantity of lime your soil needs
                    Amount of fertilizer your soil needs

You can buy a soil test at most garden centers, or the University of Florida /IFAS Extension Soil Testing Lab in your county will do it for free. It just takes a few weeks to get the results.

Pick your plants
Once you know what's in your soil, it's safe to start choosing plants that will thrive in your yard. If you've always dreamed of a particular species, but it's not compatible with your dirt, don't give up. You can always mix in amendments to add or lower the attributes of the soil.

Now that you're thinking about a new landscape, this is an excellent time to bring up FFL, that's Florida Friendly Landscaping. It's a great concept that encourages planting tree and plant species that are native to our state and low maintenance. The list of Florida Friendly Plants is a long one, here's a link that we're sure you'll see some things that you would love to have in your landscape.

It's time to ask yourself two questions; the first is, who will be using your yard? If you have to worry about children and pets, you may want hardy plants, and make sure you don't pick any toxic ones. If you plan on entertaining, choose species that are easy to take care of and won't outgrow their beds.

Color compliments
The next question; what's your landscaping theme? Take a look at your house, try to compliment the colors and lines that you like best. Keep in mind that your landscape and home should accentuate each other; make sure they go well together, like your favorite shirt and pants.

Landscape design can get complicated fast. Whether you're looking for a tropical oasis or your very own zen garden, it's a lot of work, and one mistake could cost you a lot of money and hours of your time.

ELT Landscape works with the best landscape designers in Central Florida. They will hear all your ideas and transform them into a virtual plan that allows you to see every plant and tree in the palate, and what they would look like in front of your house. You can even make changes with the touch of a button, which is much easier than planting and then digging up actual trees. If you choose to move forward with the design, we'll subtract the design fee from your project's cost, so it's free. Contact us for more information.
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