Spring Irrigation Tips

 The old saying goes, "April showers bring May flowers." But in Central Florida, that isn't exactly the case. We do have showers, more like mini-typhoons, but rarely in the early spring. And some April days get hot, like 85 degrees plus hot. So, what's a homeowner to do? Get reacquainted with their irrigation system. This blog will help get your lawn and landscape prepared for the growing season.

For us, it's time to start watering twice a week. A single standard measurement to fit every situation is difficult because of different soil types. However, for most Florida soils, an average of 2/3 to 3/4 of an inch of water per application is sufficient to replenish the grass. Apply only enough water to wet the root system of the grass. Do not saturate the soil so fast that runoff occurs. You have several options to help determine how much water to apply to your lawn. Choose the one best suited for your yard.

It's best to run your irrigation system either in the pre-dawn hours or at night. The sun the enemy of your sprinklers; warm weather speeds the evaporation process. It's usually less windy at these times, preventing water from blowing onto areas that don't need it, like sidewalks and driveways. Remember, you're paying for every drop.

While we're focusing on water, look at your sprinkler heads; are they all pointed in the right direction? Take some time to do a test. Watch your system run. Make sure water is going where you need it to go. Sprinkler heads are vulnerable to lawnmowers, hard-playing kids, animals, and even aggressive grass. Ensure all your equipment is working and not being blocked by anything that's grown over it during the winter.

This time of year, we get calls from our customers about yellowing and damaged grass. Many homeowners assume it's bugs, but in most cases, it's an irrigation issue. A few minutes at your irrigation timer may save the grass that you see fading away.

Here are some signs that you're having an irrigation issue:
• Leaf blades that look like they are folded in half
• The grass looks a little blueish-gray
• If footprints on the grass don't fill in right away

Irrigation can be intimidating. We're sure you don't have the time to learn what every button on your timer does. But we do; ELT Landscape irrigation experts are trained to handle just about anything that can happen to a system, from the sprinkler heads to the backflow and everything connection in between. Contact us today for a free estimate. It's better to keep your irrigation system running than to replace a yard full of sod.
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