Matters of Mulch

  What better time of the year than May to mulch? It benefits the environment, slows weeds down, and, best of all, looks good in every yard. This blog will help answer the mulch mysteries that you'll want to solve before you start tossing bags on your landscape.

The first question is simple; why mulch? No matter what type you choose, mulch protects plants from water loss due to evaporation and complements the landscape through the use of color and texture. Think about where the mulch is going before you select a kind, and sometimes it's best to think beyond bark. If you're using it in an area where children play, rubber is an ideal choice for playground areas. You may also want to consider gravel and stone. They cost more, but they last longer.
Most mulch is wood-based. It comes in all sizes and colors. It's impossible to say which is best because every property and personal preference is different. Here's a brief description of four favorites:

Cypress Mulch - Allows water to reach the roots of plants and resists washing away from heavy rains. Also, it offers nutritional benefits to plants as it decomposes and retains color well.
Dyed Mulch - Least expensive option.
Pine Bark - Decomposes to enrich soil health, least likely to change color.
Pine Straw - Great for use with acid-loving plants such as azaleas. Holds in place well.

There's one question that we hear a lot; how deep should my mulch be? The answer isn't the same for everyone. If your planting bed is in direct sun all day, you'll want more mulch than a garden that's in the shade. Two to three inches is a good mulch mark to hit. It's best to pull weeds and lay down landscaping fabric or even cardboard before start tearing open the bags. This won't stop the scourge of weeds from coming back, but it will slow them down. The next step is to cut or install any edges or borders. Besides looking good, it also helps keep the mulch in place, and in Central Florida, that's important. A big storm could wash your hard work away.

That's a lot of mulch information to keep in mind. You can do all that work yourself, or simply give us a call. Our professional crews will let you know which mulch is best for you, lay down the perfect amount, and you won't break a sweat or get your hands dirty. Contact us today for a free estimate.
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