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 Summer isn't the only thing around the corner, so is hurricane season. Hurricane cones and tropical storm forecast may not be on your mind in June, but this is the time to think about something else; the best ways to protect your property. This blog goes over what you can do now that you won't be able to pull off when a storm with a name has central Florida in its sites.

The first thing to look at is your trees. Do you see dead branches? Trim them now. Branches and limbs can cause severe damage. On top of that, healthy trees and shrubs protect houses and buildings by absorbing some of the force of the wind.

Early summer is also an excellent time to rethink your entire landscape. Some trees stand up to hurricanes better than others. Research conducted by University of Florida scientists showed that sand live oaks are the most resistant to wind damage. Other good choices include the Southern magnolia, live oak, crape myrtle, bald cypress, and sabal palm. These trees are less likely to lose limbs or blow over during hurricanes.

Now that you have picked out your new tree, it's time to find a place to plant it. Look up. If you see powerlines, find another spot. The young tree you plan to put in the ground today may get close to those lines one day. Then look around; it's best not to plant trees near windows. Also, think about adding shrubs next to your new tree. They will grow to form a network of roots which will help keep them in the ground in the face of a hurricane.

Those are just a few things that you can do now while the weather radars don't show any sign of one of those nasty-looking, multi-colored, swirling storms with a big old eye.

Planting trees is a lot of work, we know; it's what we do. Our crews are the best in the state at it; we plant dozens every week in homes and buildings across our neighborhoods. We can also help you pick the right ones for your property.

Contact us today for a free estimate; let's hope for a calm and quiet 2021 storm season.
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