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 Landscaping is more than your plants, trees, and grass; it's an investment. That's true for homeowners and especially businesses. Our commercial customers count on us to help them make a great first impression. This blog will go over some of the reasons why landscaping is essential for businesses, both big and small.

The first is simple; customers prefer pretty things. A well-groomed landscape perpetuates a professional and inviting atmosphere. No one wants to traverse a sidewalk infested with weeds or a dead lawn on their way to visit a store for the first time. A nice lawn and groomed trees attract the attention of the lifeblood of every business; new customers.

Image is important. An easy way commercial companies can do that is by freshening up the landscape. Major building renovations are much more expensive than putting in new plants and grass. Companies that take care of the outside of their properties send a positive and professional message to clients.

You probably don't put the words landscape and safety in the same sentence very often, but they go together. Trips and falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries. Roots and branches sound harmless, but they can be treacherous to someone who is stepping on the property for the first time or someone texting and walking to a store. Remember, we do live in Florida; big bushes aren't only unsightly, they make good homes for the menagerie of animals and pests that we encounter daily.

When it comes to commercial landscape, business is business. Studies show that offices with high-quality landscapes were able to charge a higher rental rate than others. Shoppers in a recent poll said they would travel a greater distance and spend more money at a location with an attractive landscape.

Investing can be complicated when it's time to put your time and money into a project; it's essential to partner with someone you can trust. ELT Landscape is designed for commercial landscape. Our detail-orientated crews know what our clients want and make sure they get it. We don't only have trained landscapers on our properties, and we also have a quality control manager double-check their work and act as a liaison with the property manager. That's why we care for car dealerships, hotels, apartment complexes, restaurants, and stores across Central Florida. Check out our commercial job gallery on this site for examples of our work. We would love to talk about your property and give you a free estimate.

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