Florida Fall Foliage

Fall is here, and if you want to see the leaves change, you don’t have to book a flight to Vermont. There are trees right here in Florida that put on a show this season. Grab a sweater, heat up some apple cider, and read about leaf-peeping in Florida.

Marvelous maples
Maple trees aren’t only for north of the Mason Dixon line. Red maples and Florida maples do well in our area. The red maple will impress you in the fall when the leaves turn and then again in the spring with its stunning red flowers.
The leaves of the Florida maple turn every shade of yellow and orange before they fall, and as a bonus, the bark of older trees turns a distinct gray.

Go bald
Central Florida is the perfect place for the leaf-changing bald cypress tree. This kind of tree can handle floodwaters better than most and thrives near rivers and in swamps. In your yard, the bald cypress gives you a canopy of feathery leaves, and in autumn, they change to a rust orange color. In the winter, those leaves fall, and you’ll learn why it’s called a bald cypress.

Shades of the sycamore
If looking for a year-long appeal, the sycamore is for you. In the summer, the leaves of this fast-growing tree create some lovely shade from the unrelenting sun, and around the holiday season, those same leaves turn yellow, brown, then fall.
Keep in mind that all these deciduous trees come with some work. Those brightly colored leaves will eventually be in your lawn and need to be picked up, and bigger trees can be difficult to plant on your own.

If you have any questions about these trees, contact us. We plant these trees for homeowners, businesses, and developers all the time and would love to do the same for you.

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