Commercial Landscape Investment

 Not all landscaping is the same. Your home landscaping can be whatever you want; it's your house. But for those who manage commercial landscape, there's much more to keep in mind rather than what trees will drop leaves on your car. We hope this blog helps the people who keep properties other than their own look tremendous and just as crucial under budget.

Like most business decisions, planning is vital. While a homeowner might opt for low maintenance plants that will still be around if they forget to water or take care of them, commercial property managers consider plants an investment, and the return on that investment is affected by the cost it takes to maintain it.

Therefore, more and more property managers opt for low-maintenance plant material, whether turf, shrubs, or trees. These plant varieties are typically hardier and require fewer resources like water and fertilizer to thrive. It's also a significant first step toward reducing your ecological footprint.

We recommend daylilies and ornamental grasses, which come in dozens of shapes and colors. Tall Fescue is a good option for lawn owners who want turf that will look green even in drought conditions.

Commercial landscapes aren't just about looking pretty or saving energy anymore. Many companies are looking for features that provide customers, employees, and renters with experiences, creating immersive environments that people are happy to spend time.

If you're wondering the best way to do that, it's simple; ask. The people who shop, work, and live know what they like, ask them, poll them, post a survey, and see what comes in.

Commercial landscape is what ELT Landscape does best. We design, install and maintain millions of dollars in property across Central Florida.
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