Irrigation Lesson

  March is here. It's getting warmer by the day; it hit 90 just the other day. Besides the hot temperatures, one thing that you'll notice is the lack of rain.

This is the driest time of the year for us. The weather will pretty much stay the same until the rainy season starts in June. So, how's your irrigation system? This blog may help you answer that question if you don't know.

When to water
Starting today, it's best to water twice a week for about twenty minutes. Set your irrigation timer to run either in the pre-dawn hours or at night. The sun is irrigation's enemy; warm weather speeds the evaporation process. It's usually less windy at these times, preventing water from blowing onto areas that don't need it, like sidewalks and driveways. Remember, you're paying for every drop.

While we're focusing on water, look at your sprinkler heads; are they all pointed in the right direction? Take some time to do a test. Watch your system run. Make sure water is going where you need it to go. Sprinkler heads are vulnerable to lawnmowers, hard-playing kids, animals, and even aggressive grass. Ensure all your equipment is working and not being blocked by anything that's grown over it during the winter.

Can test
This is also a great time of year to do the can test. Put small cans in the irrigated sections of your property, turn on your system, and let it run for a complete cycle. When the last sprinkler stops, check the cans; each should have nearly an inch of water. Lawns only need about three-quarters of an inch of water.

We hope this blog helps. Keep in mind that your irrigation system is something that needs updating several times a year; the next time to do it will be in April, when lawns need even more water.

Irrigation can be intimidating, and making a mistake can be expensive. Replacing an entire dead lawn costs money, and you may be spending more on the water than you should be, and this is where we can help. Our irrigation experts will set your clocks, check your sprinklers and test your system every month. Here's the best part, we have an irrigation special going on RIGHT NOW.

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