Be Prepared For Hurricane Season 

 It’s hard to think about hurricanes on a sunny day in June, but this is the time to prepare yourself, your family, and even your yard for what may blow in this summer. We want to share a few things you can do now to storm-scape for this hurricane season.

Truth about trees
Last summer, Hurricane Irma snapped trees and left a river of limbs across our neighborhoods. But don’t think trees are nothing but trouble in a storm; keep this in mind healthy trees and shrubs protect houses and buildings by absorbing some of the force of the wind. So, take a look at your yard and prune any dead limbs and any that may rub against your home in a storm. Also, thin any thick tree canopies; this will reduce the possibility of breakages.

Landscape for a storm
There are ways to landscape for a storm. Numerous trees and plants can withstand strong winds. After you select your materials, be careful where you plant them. Don’t put what will grow to be a tall tree near powerlines or windows. Also, group your plants and trees. They will grow to form a network of roots that will help keep them in the ground in the face of a hurricane.

Get ready now
Those are just a few things that you can do now while the weather radars don’t show any sign of one of those nasty-looking, multi-colored, swirling storms with a big old eye. I’ll get into some of the things you can do when a storm is getting close if I have to this hurricane season.
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