How To Plant Palms

 It’s palm tree planting time. Early summer is the best time to put these staples of the sunshine state in the ground. If you’re ready to make your landscape even prettier with some palms, read this blog and get ready to start digging.

Young palms thrive when the soil and air temperatures are high. June checks both of those boxes for us in Central Florida. Planting them now gives the roots six months to push deep into the ground.

So, let’s get started.

After you pick your palm, look into the future. Don’t only think about how beautiful it is today. Let your mind wander to five and ten years from now; how big will this palm get? That’s a question that you need to answer before you plant. Make sure the new star of your yard has the room to grow strong. Also, ensure it won’t grow into utility lines or the roof.

Dig in
Now, start digging. Make your hole about twice as wide as the root ball and just deep enough to cover the top of that ball. A common mistake is making the hole too deep, which can put a new tree into a state of shock.

Before you fill in the hole, take your shovel, and score the sides. Loose soil makes it easier for the roots to take hold. Then water the roots, but not too much. Just enough to get them wet. The last step here is to add a soil mix. There are a bunch of good ones on the market. Besides adding nutrients, the mixture won’t pack the hole too tight. Palms do best in a spot that can quickly drain.

Now that your tree is standing tall and the hole is filled in, it’s mulch time. Create a barrier around the base that is about three inches deep. Mulch keeps the soil warm and traps moisture.

When watering, do it every day for the first two weeks, then gradually cut back. It’s best to water palms in the morning or late in the evening, either before or after the sun is out in full force. Palm fronds can fry if they get water on them when it’s too hot.

We know it’s a lot of work. ELTLandscape has the experience, tools, passion, and even access to the finest palms in the state, and we would love to put one or many of them in your yard.
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