The Essentials of Commercial Landscape 

 Stress comes to business owners from all angles. One thing that is sometimes overlooked while dealing with HR and vendors is the landscape outside the front window. This blog goes over why what's outside a business is essential.

Your landscape is the first thing customers, partners, and employees see. An unattractive or poorly maintained landscape will make a negative impression. But an attractive landscape, on the other hand, will positively impact potential clients and increase your property's value, improve workers' productivity, display your eco-friendly values, and make your property stand out.

Costs and your budget are essential to balancing a commercial landscape project. However, a cheaper alternative isn't necessarily the better one. Outstanding landscaping involves a diverse team of professionals, including a landscape designer, technical personnel, crew leaders, service workers, and production manager, all coordinated by an account manager. They work together to create the finished product. The services selected, their frequency and the hours per service translate to visible results on your property.

Water-wise irrigation, prudent use of fertilizers and chemicals, and proper handling of "green waste" are consistent with "Best Management Practices" that are friendly to the environment. As environmental safety and protection become a growing concern, companies are looking for sustainable alternatives, and so should you. Choosing the "right plants for the right places" can substantially positively impact the environment and landscape aesthetics.

You're committing to a long-term business relationship when choosing a commercial landscaper. Beyond services and price, it's wise to select a transparent company, communicate well, and proactively identify landscape improvement opportunities and potential issues.

That's where we come in. ELT Landscape is a premier commercial landscape company. We install and maintain dozens of properties across Central Florida. Check out our website to see our work. We are a landscape company that would love a chance to partner with you on your next project.
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