Storm Clean Up 

 The hurricane has passed, and now comes the cleanup. It's a job that can be dangerous. We hope this blog helps you prepare for a small or, unfortunately, a big job.

Safety should always be your first concern when cleaning up your yard after a hurricane. Make sure you have the right tools, equipment, and basic safety knowledge before you begin working.

When you clean up tree damage after a storm, do not work alone, have at least one partner to help you. Before you begin, you and your partner should survey the site. Identify the hazards and agree on where injuries are most likely to happen. Create a safe work zone by setting a perimeter double the height of the damaged tree.

It's tempting to pick up a chain saw to do the job, but keep a few things in mind; the blades can move up to 68 miles per hour, and their mufflers can get as hot as 900 degrees. It's a piece of equipment many homeowners have but don't know how to use safely.

Before you pull the rope and start your chain saw for what may be the first time in years, read the instruction manual and safety features, and when you're down, put on safety gear like protective glasses, gloves, heavy clothing, and boots. Keep both hands on the saw handles, cut at waist level or lower, and ALWAYS CUT AWAY FROM YOUR BODY.

These are just a few tips; the best advice we can offer is to hire a professional. It may look like a simple job, but storm cleanup can be dangerous. We train our crews on the best and safest ways to handle storm debris. Contact us today, and we'll get to work.
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