Winter Yard Work

We're getting into the middle of our Central Florida winter. This blog helps you understand what's happening on your property this season and gives you a few things to do to ensure a successful spring.

Winter yard work
This is a perfect time to prune. Most trees and plants are dormant. Pruning now allows your green friends an entire growing season to recover and gives them plenty of time to get stronger for spring. Another reason is that the risk of pest problems is lower than in the spring.

Your landscape may be "resting" for the winter, but it still needs water. Roots continue to grow while plants, shrubs, grass, and trees are dormant. So, be sure to adjust your irrigation system to ensure everything is getting the water it needs during our driest season of the year.

This is also a great time to monitor your mulch. Ask yourself, 'Is everything covered?' 'Is there enough of it down?' Mulch is a must in the winter. Material like pine bark and pine straw are like a warm blanket for your plants and trees.

Threatening temperature
During the next few months, be wary of the number 32. If you hear your favorite meteorologist say it, or it pops up as the temperature on your weather app, it's time to cover your sensitive plants. Most of the things growing in our landscapes can survive brief cold snaps, but damage is done when the mercury dips below freezing. Cover your tropical plants with burlap or sheets until the temperature rises. Don't use plastic; water sticks to it and causes condensation.

Remember to turn off your irrigation system. Cold water is the last thing your greenery needs on a freezing night.

We can't do anything to stop freezing temperatures from coming, but you can do some things to ensure our plants and trees survive and grow again in the spring. We went over many things to do; if you're feeling overwhelmed about what it takes to winterize your landscape, please get in touch with us. Our experts know the correct ways to prune, how to ensure your irrigation system is set for the upcoming season, select and put down the right Mulch for your yard and what plants you'll need to cover when the temperatures get un-Florida-like in our neighborhoods.

Enjoy the next few months; the hair-soaking humidity will be back before you know it.
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