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Creating privacy barriers in Florida requires selecting plants and trees that thrive in the state's unique climate, characterized by warm temperatures, high humidity, and occasional storms. Here, we'll explore Florida's best options for establishing practical privacy barriers.

Clusia Guttifera
Description: Clusia Guttifera, commonly known as the Autograph Tree, is a popular choice for privacy barriers in Florida. It features dense, glossy green leaves and grows well in various soil types.
Benefits: Autograph Trees are hardy and can withstand Florida's heat and humidity. They also provide year-round privacy due to their evergreen nature.

Wax Myrtle
Description: Wax Myrtle is a native evergreen shrub that can be pruned to form a dense hedge. It has aromatic leaves and produces small, waxy berries.
Benefits: This versatile plant is salt-tolerant, making it suitable for coastal areas. It is also an excellent choice for attracting wildlife, such as birds, to your privacy barrier.

Description: Several bamboo species, including Clumping Bamboo and Golden Bamboo, are well-suited for creating privacy barriers in Florida. They are known for their rapid growth and dense foliage.
Benefits: Bamboo provides a tropical and exotic feel to your landscape. However, it's essential to choose clumping varieties to prevent invasive spreading.

Simpson's Stopper
Description: Simpson's Stopper is a Florida native with attractive, dense foliage and fragrant white flowers. It can be pruned into a thick hedge.
Benefits: Besides offering privacy, Simpson's Stopper attracts butterflies and is resistant to pests and diseases, making it a low-maintenance choice.

Description: Cocoplum is a native Florida shrub that can be shaped into a dense hedge. It has leathery, evergreen leaves and produces small, colorful berries.
Benefits: Cocoplum is salt-tolerant and can thrive in both sun and shade. It's a popular choice for coastal areas and provides year-round privacy.

Southern Magnolia
Description: Southern Magnolia is a classic evergreen tree with large, glossy leaves and fragrant, white flowers.
Benefits: While it may take time to reach its full height, Southern Magnolia provides a stunning backdrop for privacy. It's a resilient tree that adds beauty to the landscape.

Areca Palm
Description: Also known as the Butterfly Palm, the Areca Palm features feathery, arching fronds and is often used as a decorative screen.
Benefits: Areca Palms are fast-growing and well-suited for creating a tropical ambiance. They thrive in Florida's climate and can be planted in clusters for a more effective privacy barrier.

When establishing a privacy barrier, consider soil type, sunlight, and maintenance requirements. Now you know what to plant to get some privacy and who can put these plants and trees in the ground; it's us. ELT Landscape has a team of pros who have installed all these trees and more at houses, condo complexes, and warehouses across the state. Contact us today for a free estimate.
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